Apart from eating for breakfast, there are many other ways you can enjoy Hugo's granola and muesli. Our recipe section will keep expanding as we add more recipes, but here is a start:

Tinas Granola Biscuits   - lovely biscuits - between a cookie and a cake - a cakey biscuit! 

• Muesli Biscuits - just right with a cup of tea.

A Passionate Sundae Breakfast  -  a seduction tool - and very good for you!

 • Apple Birchermüesli Sundae. - So good for you even though it looks sinful!

 • Knickerbocker Granola Glory. - Looks fattening - it is but quite good for you as well!

•  Iced Blueberry & Apple flapjack - for breakfast or tea.

• Blueberry & Apple Porridge Brûlée. - Exotic and yet simple.

 Muesli Pancakes - with Apple Birchermuesli, fluffy and excellent!

• Christmas Demo Recipes - 'Porridge' a super-food.

Christmas Muesli Bar - Crunchy, cakey, fruity and scrummy!

Granola Loaf - Soft and sweet, nice with cheese.