About Hugo's Breakfast

Originating at Hugo Woolley's award winning bed and breakfast-hotel, where Hugo started to put together parcels of mueslis and granolas for guests to enjoy at home, his cereals proved such a success that Hugo's Breakfast was born to supply quality cereals to consumers throughout the country and they are now made in our 5 star rated purpose built cereal kitchen in deepest Cornwall. 

Along the way, Hugo's Breakfast is proud to have been awarded Taste of the West Gold Awards for Hugo's Cornish Granola, Hugo's Cornish Granola - Quinoa & Fruit, Hugo's Cornish Muesli and Hugo's Cornish Bircher Müesli and a Taste of the West Highly Commended for Hugo's Apple & Blueberry Porridge.

Hugo’s Cornish Granola like all our cereals, is made with taste and quality as a priority. Along with oats, (a super-food in their own right), we also add seeds and dried fruit (natural sweeteners) for energy and flavour.  This is then coated in honey, Grade A maple syrup and golden syrup and very slowly roasted to perfection before finishing with the zest of orange.  It has a lasting crunch and is perfect to sprinkle on yoghurt and fruit; mixed into a fruit compote; or on its own with a dash of milk for that extra special start to the day.

Hugo's Cornish Summer Muesli is our brand new product launched at Expowest 2019.  A sophisticated nut free blend of tangy freeze-dried summer fruits, with our own extra crunchy hand-baked blackcurrant barley flakes, wheat flakes, oats and other delicious dried fruits.  When you're dreaming of sandy toes and salty kisses and remembering glorious summer days in Cornwall, then wherever you are, reach for a box of our very latest cereal and bring it all back!

Hugo's Cornish Muesli is an invigorating mix of oats, dried fruit (natural sweeteners) roasted nuts, for texture and protein, seeds for energy and taste and crunchy toasted malt wheat flakes.  Serve with milk or fruit juice.  For a lovely creamy consistency with plumped up fruit and a dreamy taste soak overnight and add chopped fresh fruit or fruit compote for that extra special start to the day.

Hugo's Cornish Bircher Müesli, our version of the original Swiss Muesli, with roasted nuts, a hint of vanilla, mixed with our special blend of dried fruit, oats and crunchy wheat flakes, for tasty, creamy muesli.   Serve with milk or fruit juice.   For a really creamy muesli, soak for as long as possible and just before eating, chop some fresh apples and/or pears and add some honey for sweetness.

Hugo's Cornish Granola - Quinoa & Fruit, made with gluten free ingredients, quinoa and millet flakes, slowly roasted with seeds, coconut and nuts in apple and pear juice with a hint of vanilla and mixed with dried fruit.  This granola is particularly good for the Gluten intolerant and we are pleased to say that this cereal has now been certified as Gluten Free!! 

Hugo's Apple & Blueberry Porridge, a tasty porridge, equally delicious made with milk or water - or both, overnight in the Aga, on the hob or in the microwave - the perfect 'super-food' start to anyone's morning. The blueberries and apple flakes plump up with cooking or soaking. Serve with clotted cream and honey for extra luxuriousness!  'Ansum!!

All our cereals: No added salt, artificial additives, preservatives or colouring. High in fibre.

Can anything so delicious be good for you?